Tuesday, January 18, 2022

EFTPS Individual Payment Phone Number

I wanted to let anyone that may stumble upon this blog that if you're trying to pay your federal estimated taxes through the EFTPS phone system and you do not yet have your PIN to call 1-800-316-6541.  This number is not published on the EFTPS website, but I found it in an old irs.gov newsletter and is the "individual payment line / individual customer service" number (one of the wonderful operators told me that's the label it's listed as).  It's also listed as the number to call if you have a question on a transaction with the pamphlet that comes in the mail when you get your PIN.

I used to have a working EFTPS account but haven't logged into it for close to two years; apparently, EFTPS had a system password update in September of 2019.  Passwords expire about every 13 months, and any inactive account is purged at 18 months.  The safe rule of thumb to keep your account active is to log in yearly and change your password.

Two helpful numbers:

  • Listed as individual payment line / individual customer service: 1-800-316-6541
  • Bypass automated number and contact operator directly (I haven't tried this personally): 1-800-991-2245

Helpful Article:


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