Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vibram fivefingers - it really can help you enjoy the great outdoors

Originally posted on June 4th, 2011

I love the outdoors, period. In the past week, I've gotten home from work excited to do what? - Go to the pool - Well of course it just opened! The first day, I rode my bike to the pool, second, ran to the pool. You would think I would need to put on my SPD bike clip shoes to bike to the pool, then switch to sandals while at the pool. You might also think running would required putting on my Saucony Hurricane running shoes, and then to sandals at the pool.

Nope! My Vibram fivefingers Sprint solves all those - 3 shoes in 1! I can use them while biking (since I have a combination campus/SPD pedals), I can use them while running, I can also just walk with them anywhere. They've gotten much more popularity in the past couple of years, but I still get people asking about them and even saying "Gee, those shoes sure do look funny" - yes use a voice from Idiocracy in there please ;o)
Running, crawling, jumping through 3.1 miles of mud and obstacles at Warrior Dash, running Philly's Fairmount Park, and DC's Billy Goat trail, and going to the pool are just a few of the activities I've used my Vibram's for in the past month or so.

Go out and try a pair! It'll take some time to adjust to (a couple weeks for me), but be patient and you will be rewarded!

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