Monday, July 16, 2018

Apache httpd "current" git branch source missing "configure" file

The project I am currently working on is running apache httpd 2.2.15, we are looking to test functionality in the current 2.4.x version (which would be 2.4.34, which just came out today!) in the mod_proxy module, ProxyPass directive, responsefieldsize parameter.

What I noticed is that the current mirrored github 2.4.x version has some "missing" files that are needed for configuration/installation from source.  For example, the <root>/configure file is not available in the current source code on github (or svn 2.4.x).  For reference, last week, when the 2.4.33 release was the latest version, and the "current" version was 2.4.34, it was missing the following files:

  • <root>/configure
  • <root>/build/config.sub
  • <root>/build/config.guess
  • <root>/include/

When I download 2.2.15.tar.gz, 2.4.33.tar.gz and 2.4.34.tar.gz packaged releases under, they all contain the <root>/configure file.

I have searched online but cannot find why this file (and other files needed for the configure step) is not available in the current mirrored github 2.4.x version (or svn 2.4.x); so I conclude it must (and other files) get added during packaging of a build.  Please share in the comments if you have insight on this process?

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