Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bamboo - SCP Task returns "There were no files to upload." log

I've used Atlassican Bamboo for continuous integration and deployment for a long time now, as well as the SCP Task.  Recently I was updating an existing Plan to copy and deploy scripts to the DEV server.

When running the SCP Task of a stage in the Plan, Bamboo returned "There were no files to upload." log.  Since I had multiple files that needed to be deployed I had configured "Local Path" and an Ant Pattern of <Local Path>/**.   What was going on?  I double-checked that the "Local Path" was correct in the configuration and in the build run log, the ant pattern, and the "Remote Path".  All looked valid and correct!

I dug more deeply into the build run logs and noticed that each stage had it's own unique bamboo working directory!  Once I created a "Source Code Checkout" task in the stage where I wanted to copy and deploy scripts, all was well.

This article from the bamboo atlassian community confirmed the above.

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